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Now winter can come

Now winter can come by stst31415
Now winter can come, a photo by stst31415 on Flickr.

I found these guys when taking a walk on the weekend. as there is a lot of details in this picture I tried to shift the focus to front section. So I added brightness to the top left corner to enhance the flare and reduced the reflections of the roofs. The background was muted by the taking the saturation to 50%. I cranked the warmth of the leaves in the left lower corner up 20%, just enough to recreate what I saw that moment.

Sucked into a seashell

Sucked into a seashell by stst31415
Sucked into a seashell, a photo by stst31415 on Flickr.

The funny thing on macros is that you see and realize the small details. Textures and colors get their own life on the big screen.
In this one I used two LED-lamps as spots and had a 18-55mm reversed with approximately 50mm. I changed the aperture to f/13 to get some depth. Postprocessing was mostly sharpening and color correction.

Build your own view

Build your own view by stst31415
Build your own view, a photo by stst31415 on Flickr.

What I like in modern architecture is the fact that you have gazillions of reflections. If you look at the pictures you sometimes start building your own views.

By using the HDR method one can reveal lots of details in the reflection. It were so many details that I had to apply some retro colouring and minimize the contrasts in parts of the picture to make it look real.

Thinking about creative commons

I was thinking about licensing and rights on pictures. It would take very long to elaborate all the details, but aren’t the classic licensing models restricted to the old distribution channels?

The red wheel

The red wheel

My wish would be that people use my pictures for something. In order to do this I will start to change the license on some picture to a creative commons one. This is as easy as opening a door.

What is the direct impact on you? If you want to use any of the correct lincesed pictures, you simply follow the rules (i.e. use the right attribution). You can also use them as desktop wallpapers if you like – as you can download a 2000 pixel wide version ¬†from my flickr stream. If it is a portrait picture – opposed to a landscape one – the long side will be 2000 pixel high. It is a question of bandwith…

In case you want a higher resolution picture you still can get back to me.

Thinking about a project…

I was stuck in work lately and there were not too many moments to do some photography. But I used the time in the evenings and mornings to learn things on

  1. Panoramas
  2. Macros
  3. Lighting
It is interesting to see how these 3 points come up on a regular basis. The panorama thing is something which is kind of a Forbes 100 topic of photography. But without a nodal point adapter it is simply limited. What I learned in the past weeks is, that it is easier to come up with a usable result if the scene is far away and you use a standard to light zoom lens. The following one was made using a 50mm lens and I swept the scene – like the people with Sony cameras do.

The view from the 19th floor

I learned something about the limits of my hard- and software when processing this 14 pictures panorama. So I ended up processing the pictures before stitching, like I do with HDR panoramas.
The second topic which I love at the moment is Macros. I think I will save for a Canon 100mm macro. It is already on my wishlist at Amazon. I tried to find out if there are good macro panoramas out there. I could not find any tipps, so I guess I have to find these things out myself and write a blog post (Now I know that you will read that).
Recently I bought Light Science and Magic by Fil Hunter. And I love it. Yes you are right: We are in the middle of point 3 of my list. It is sweet mixture of things you already know, things you will remember, things you understand and also a lot of new things – the last point is depending on prior knowledge and what you already tried. What I love on this book is that it is very good to read and there are examples you can try at home.
I think that the next few projects will have something to do with all the 3 things. Nearly middle of Octobre, the coloured leaves season ahead, cold long winter evenings with plenty of time to read and experiment. Great times!
What will your next projects be? Leave a message after the beep!

Medieval alley

Medieval alley, a photo by stst31415 on Flickr.

What really fascinated me in this picture was that the method HDR could capture all the colors facets and texture and preserve them. That was not quite easy due to the different artificial light colors, varying from blue to orange.
Again the tipp by RC Concepcion I use often, is to use a Glamour Glow effect on HDR. It takes the unnatural sharpness out of the picture and gives it some nice appeal.
I started using the glamour glow (which was created for portraits) on some architecture pictures – not specifically HDR. It works just fine…
And again this shot was brought to you by Canon running Magic Lantern with 9 exposures, creation with HDR Efex by Nik Software and postprocessing with Color Efex (also by Nik Software).

If you are looking for a book specifically for the creation of HDR with HDR Efex and get some real nice postprocessing tips for HDR, read the HDR book by RC. There is great stuff inside.

Panoramic HDR Experiment

I went out with my tripod to shoot a structured panorama in at least 3 by 2. I made it 4 by 2 but it was not convincing. Because I also experimented…

Another thing I wanted to try was a panorama with a wide angle lens. So I used my trusted Sigma portrait in 10mm and used a recipe which nearly always worked for me.

The recipe as always: 3 pictures using 9 brackets with Magic Lantern on my 60D, HDR created with HDR Efex, and panorama with Microsoft ICE.

There were problems with the distortion near the lens, like in the railing you can see on the left. I don’t know if the result is also there because of the horizontal lines. I will try to find out.

I am very pleased with the look of this picture. What is your opinion?

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