Thinking about a project…

I was stuck in work lately and there were not too many moments to do some photography. But I used the time in the evenings and mornings to learn things on

  1. Panoramas
  2. Macros
  3. Lighting
It is interesting to see how these 3 points come up on a regular basis. The panorama thing is something which is kind of a Forbes 100 topic of photography. But without a nodal point adapter it is simply limited. What I learned in the past weeks is, that it is easier to come up with a usable result if the scene is far away and you use a standard to light zoom lens. The following one was made using a 50mm lens and I swept the scene – like the people with Sony cameras do.

The view from the 19th floor

I learned something about the limits of my hard- and software when processing this 14 pictures panorama. So I ended up processing the pictures before stitching, like I do with HDR panoramas.
The second topic which I love at the moment is Macros. I think I will save for a Canon 100mm macro. It is already on my wishlist at Amazon. I tried to find out if there are good macro panoramas out there. I could not find any tipps, so I guess I have to find these things out myself and write a blog post (Now I know that you will read that).
Recently I bought Light Science and Magic by Fil Hunter. And I love it. Yes you are right: We are in the middle of point 3 of my list. It is sweet mixture of things you already know, things you will remember, things you understand and also a lot of new things – the last point is depending on prior knowledge and what you already tried. What I love on this book is that it is very good to read and there are examples you can try at home.
I think that the next few projects will have something to do with all the 3 things. Nearly middle of Octobre, the coloured leaves season ahead, cold long winter evenings with plenty of time to read and experiment. Great times!
What will your next projects be? Leave a message after the beep!
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