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On averaging(,) wool and the shadow test

Noise is your friend, noise is your enemy. Depends on who you are. For a photographer noise is mostly unwanted. So there are millions of options and tool, how to get rid of noise. The easiest one being reducing your ISO to 200 or lower. This might be OK if you have time and lots

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Drilling through light

Drilling through light, a photo by stst31415 on Flickr. It is Monday, autumn and I shoot a macro again. Today’s topic in macro monday is metal – so I chose a drill. And I drilled for light because this was the strangest thing ever I had to light. Whatever you do, you have to live

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Macros with Retroadapter

Macros with Retroadapter, ein Album auf Flickr. My ultra macros are getting more and more. Looking back I only can say, that I learned a lot. I learned a lot of the things I already wrote about: use a tripod, move the object and not the camera, shoot tethered and so on.