Macros with Retroadapter

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Detail of a Gigapixel selfportraitBefore the laser printer...Small print, now bigDon't look back in anger...Brown sugar cubeBurning match
Sucked into a seashellBeluga lentilsStaple close-up

Macros with Retroadapter, ein Album auf Flickr.

My ultra macros are getting more and more. Looking back I only can say, that I learned a lot. I learned a lot of the things I already wrote about: use a tripod, move the object and not the camera, shoot tethered and so on.

In the last two days I came across the fact that I learned another thing. In the beginning I used one flashlight but soon I started using 2 light sources. Now it is normal to use two sources, so my pictures get a special touch when I use just one light. See for yourself.

Staple close-up
Staple close-up

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