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  • You are the product of your environment…

    You are the product of your environment…

    …it is a matter of time and environment.

  • Revisiting Fractals

    When playing around with fractals I rediscovered my love to them. Just in case you were wondering: Yes, there has been some postproduction.

  • A quick view from the balcony into the sunset

    A quick view from the balcony into the sunset

    I took my 19mm Sigma for a ride and created the HDR. I especially enjoyed the orange and turquoise hues in the reflections.

  • On averaging(,) wool and the shadow test

    On averaging(,) wool and the shadow test

    Noise is your friend, noise is your enemy. Depends on who you are. For a photographer noise is mostly unwanted. So there are millions of options and tool, how to get rid of noise. The easiest one being reducing your ISO to 200 or lower. This might be OK if you have time and lots […]

  • Recreating a paper alphabet in blender

    Recreating a paper alphabet in blender

    When I saw Sabeena’s alphabet the first time, I instantly fell in love with the forms and colors. I was wondering if I could recreate the same feeling using Blender. I tried first using only things I can find in Blender and ended up with techno-tourette. So I decided to start up my old friend inkscape […]

  • Colors from the Danube

    Colors from the Danube

    On my way back from Bratislava the sky over the Danube showed his best colours. Enjoy. If you click the pictures you will find Full HD pictures to be used as wallpapers.

  • Cows dive!

    Cows dive!

    All of you who have been to Miniaturwunderland in Hamburg know the little details. One of my favorites was mashed up into a wallpaper. I even created a diver icon for the cows!

  • Hamburg Binnenalster at night

    Hamburg Binnenalster at night

    If you hear Hamburg you can think of many things: You think of musicals, water, Reeperbahn, St. Pauli, Kiez, Elbe, Alster, Sternschanze, Altona and many more. I especially fell in love with all the reflections and lights. The following picture is made of 4 straight out of camera snapshots, stitched, cropped and finally I added a frame. Enjoy and add Hamburg to your vacation list.

  • Impressive lines: DC tower 1

    Impressive lines: DC tower 1

    I think the tower is the highest building right now. And it is not even finished yet. But the lines are impressive…

  • New Zealand with a Nex-7

    New Zealand with a Nex-7

    What kind of lenses do you take on a trip to New Zealand? The choices could be many, depending on the camera system. The good thing is that I have a Sony Nex-7. There are not many lenses for the Sony E mount. That way the choices are not many. I have not many lenses […]