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  • very clever Ford App Design – not about cars

    very clever Ford App Design – not about cars You can have a look at the design, decide that it is very clever and be stunned by Ford’s victory on the PR front. Congratulations Ford! You have understood, that the best way to get good publicity is to solve a problem which is not directly…

  • How much water does a bee need?

    How much water does a bee need?

    No really! That is no trick question. I visited the botanical garden today and it was hot. Not hot as in hot but hot as hot as in hell. So stand in the middle of all the plants and start to question myself: How much water does a bee hive need? Do bees actually need…

  • As steady as change

    As steady as change

    I always enjoyed this saying on change and security. Just remembered it and had to make this poster. I think change is one of the things you cannot get used to. What do you think?

  • Why not emphasize the colors?

    Maybe it is a little bit too much, but I think the slight color in the sky helps to establish a balance.

  • The brainstorming process is BS? my thoughts on brainstorming seem to have a truth in them. Interesting article…

  • Lego as a visualization tool

    Lego as a visualization toolGM is using Lego as a testing tool within their quality assurance. Due to the lack of a third dimension they turned to lego. Follow the link for more info (via fastcodesign)

  • Look up…

    The cross, a photo by stst31415 on Flickr. Sometimes beautiful things happen above your head.

  • Lines

    Another picture I took with the 30mm f/2.8 The world looks different from above

  • Tale of the new Macbook – Stamina googling, Filesystems and Wunderlist

    Tale of the new Macbook – Stamina googling, Filesystems and Wunderlist

    I would not have expected the following events to happen when I got my new Macbook Air. What would a follower of Windows paradigms expect? Maybe some “I do not understand”-fun with the user interface. Well, I also had these but they were more fun then annoyances. The keyboard – oh how I still love those…

  • waldo

    Originally posted on lenscaption: "where's waldo, sf edition"