How much water does a bee need?

No really! That is no trick question. I visited the botanical garden today and it was hot. Not hot as in hot but hot as hot as in hell. So stand in the middle of all the plants and start to question myself: How much water does a bee hive need? Do bees actually need water?

I have to admit, that it started as a trip to take some macros of blossoms. But as the story goes the ending changed. Concerning the water intake of a bee hive: Aunt Google says that a bee hive uses up to a liter of water a day. The water is used for cooling the hive and diluting honey (to feed the larvae). And I still do not know if bees also need to drink water or if they get water from nectar only. Now enjoy the pictures.

Wooden landscape


Alien watercollector

Up to the neck

Waiting for a thirsty victim

There is a fly on the edge

Thirsty Wasp

For the number crunchers out there: Nex-7 with the Kenko DG Extension tubes (10mm + 16mm) and the 18-55mm. If you ever try this combination, do not go higher than f/16 – the picture gets very *uhm* uncrispy.


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