Now winter can come

Now winter can come by stst31415
Now winter can come, a photo by stst31415 on Flickr.

I found these guys when taking a walk on the weekend. as there is a lot of details in this picture I tried to shift the focus to front section. So I added brightness to the top left corner to enhance the flare and reduced the reflections of the roofs. The background was muted by the taking the saturation to 50%. I cranked the warmth of the leaves in the left lower corner up 20%, just enough to recreate what I saw that moment.

4 Replies to “Now winter can come”

  1. Eine Gegenüberstellung Vorher vs. Nachher würde mich interessieren…

    1. Die Frage bei solchen Bildern ist: Was ist vorher? Das ist ein verarbeitetes HDR. Ist das Vorher die Mittelbelichtung oder die unbearbeitete HDR-Ausarbeitung… Any way: _MG_1654

  2. I like the perspective in this. The tractor things almost look miniature. Very cool. Love how you’ve processed the image also.

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