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The virtual dolly – time lapse next gen

I finally made my proof of concept: By using Blender I made a time lapse video and applied some virtual dolly movement. Meaning, that the camera is moving across the picture. This is possible due to the bigger than full HD video source made from the single picture recorded with the Canon Powershot S95. A zoom would have been also possible but was not implemented due to calculation time reasons.
Lean back and enjoy

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Time lapse with magic lantern and Canon EOS 60D – first fails

I finally made it: I managed to get the magic lantern run on my Canon EOS 60D.  Magic Lantern is a firmware extension for Canon EOS cameras which adds extended video functionalities to the camera. And it adds an intervalometer to the camera. So I learned something. Again.

Obviously there is the possibility to create the pictures in a silent mode. This is better than the constant *clack* caused by the mirror. This is called silent picture mode. Too bad, that you do not record the full frame. Sadly I became aware of this after having recorded a footage of 2700 pictures.

Metalman and the Bokeh

The pictures in silent mode have the extension 422. You have to convert them in order to get JPEGs. Please search the Magic Lantern’s wiki for information how to do this. And still. I think I found a possibility too record – why not use life view?

This was a try. But it did not work. There are worse things in life. And I am not speaking about the constant *clack*. This constant *clack* allows me to work on footage which is bigger than Full-HD thus supporting pan and zoom without interpolation.

Or do you have a solution?

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The first steps with timelapse and CHDK

I was always fond of time lapses so I thought: Why not make my own?

I wanted to install the CHDK – an extension for Canon point and shoot cameras which makes them learn new tricks – on my Canon Powershot S95 anyway and had the opportunity to play around one evening. After the initial installation and my first try I had the following lessons learned


My first impression of Google+

For all of you who expect tons of screenshots: There are none! But I enjoyed playing around in Google+ and as I also own a Facebook account I wanted to show you what to expect when shifting and you will miss.

First of all: Google+ is still in a beta-phase. The functionalities there are, are reason enough for me to shift.

  1. Wonderful privacy features by using circles.
  2. Huddles, which are kind of group chats.
  3. There is already an Android client.
Oh my god - Children!
You cannot believe it? It is simple to organize your contacts and communicate with a selection. That seems reason enough for me.
What is missing at the moment are
  1. Calendar features: FB allows to invite people to events, but as Google has there powerful calendar which allows bloggers already to have parts of your calendar public it seems to be a question of time until the feature arrives.
  2. There are no games. This will be missing for some people. I had a look at the FB games and found them to be a huge waste of time. So for me this is OK. For others this could be the reason to stick to FB 😉
If you look at the big picture Plus seems to be a different approach to the social interaction on the web. There is still a lot of work to be done, but the foundations look very promising. If you want to try and cannot register, drop me a note.