How to install Magic Lantern in some easy steps

I had to install Magic Lantern again, because I formatted the card where it ran from. Because people always ask or look for it, I decided to write a short list of things you have to do. And the good thing is: I can look it up too 🙂

Basically the whole Magic Lantern Setup consists of 6 steps.

What you will need: A Canon EOS Camera, a card reader and a SD-Card.

Step 1: Download the Magic Lantern from the Magic Lantern Wiki. Search for your camera. With my Canon EOS 60D it was the unified setup. You will have a setup document in the archive.

Step 2: Install the Firmware like described in the wiki. This step consists of copying the firmware to SD-Card and performing the upgrade via the menu of the camera.

Step 3: Make the card bootable. This is the difficult part in the whole procedure. If you have a Windows PC it is quite easy as there is a tool.

Step 4: Copy the files as specified in the document. basically you copy a bin-File and the cropmarks.

Step 5: Put the card in the camera and turn the camera on. On my 60D you call the menu by pressing the delete button.

Step 6: Use it.

Screenshot Magic Lantern
Screenshot Magic Lantern

If you are not into movies you added some nice stuff to the abilities of your camera.

  • You can shoot from 2 to 9 brackets for HDR-processing. On the 60D use the play button to change the EV in steps from 0.5 to 5 EV
  • Intervalometer functionality
  • Trigger the shot by Audio (like the bang of a balloon)
  • Trigger the shot by motion detection (good for catching lightnings)
There are loads of functions more. I suggest you jump to the page of magic lantern and give it a try.

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