HDR features in Magic Lantern

I took the camera for a walk with friends. As it is when you have a nice walk, you meet somewhere. In our case we met on a bridge. I was not the last person to show up (actually I was the first), so I had some time to take some shots.

Going through the menu of Magic Lantern I found the HDR settings, where you can have up to 9 brackets. Because my last HDR with real brackets was ages ago I decided to take a shot – or 9 in my case. Magic lantern also writes this little shell script for enfuse on the card, which is of no direct use for me (because it is Linux), but of indirect: You know which pictures are part of your series.

Now comes the fun part: Our PC is broken and the only thing left is a netbook. Photoshop Elements crashed on a regular basis when trying to stitch together the exposures. So I thought: Time to enfuse again. Because I am lazy, I downloaded a GUI for Enfuse. This makes things much easier. The machine was still working for ages, but did not hang. Still, the result was nice, but also a little bit dull:

enfused HDR Schwedenbrücke

But I loved the strange ghosting of the ship on the channel.

The only thing which was nearly annoying me was the high level of detail, so I thought I try this one in a very dramatic black and white. I used photoshop for a stylemapping from an older highly dramatic black and whites and there it was: Full of energy, dramatic and nearly apocalyptic.

Stuttering or warping?

UPDATE: I nearly forgot to tell you that there are also some plugins for lightroom if you want to try enfuse from within adobe.

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