Wide angle HDR

The HDR process seems to be also a wonderful way to reuse that ultra wide angle lens I own. Typically the heavy distortions make nice pictures impossible, so you have to use some arty technique to make them bearable for the viewer. I still love the manipulation of depth and the compression of background. The picture above is made from 9 exposures at f/16 and 10mm with HDR Efex Pro.

For other pictures created with magic lantern look at these posts.

5 Replies to “Wide angle HDR”

    1. I would feel honored if you use it. Magic Lantern is something which should come preinstalled on EOS cameras… And I really love these brackets in HDR. I think I should write something on that thing in detail.

  1. What did you use to merge the exposures to HDR? I use photomatix, but that gets annoying. When I use photoshop my computer crashes, ha.

    1. I used Lightroom and a plugin called HDR Efex by Nik Software (https://www.niksoftware.com/hdrefexpro/usa/entry.php). If you have lightroom 4.1 you could also try to generate just the 32 bit tiff with photoshop and treat it in Lightroom (see http://lightroomkillertips.com/2012/lightroom-video-a-new-hdr-feature-in-lightroom-4-1/ for the details).

      Do you work with RAWs or JPEGs? Maybe you try the other one and see if Photoshop still crashes. In the end fusing/blending 9 exposures is always slow and takes a lot of time and nerves in the post.

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