The first steps with timelapse and CHDK

I was always fond of time lapses so I thought: Why not make my own?

I wanted to install the CHDK – an extension for Canon point and shoot cameras which makes them learn new tricks – on my Canon Powershot S95 anyway and had the opportunity to play around one evening. After the initial installation and my first try I had the following lessons learned

  1. Follow the instructions! If you are like me and belong to the people who read the instructions and then do something you will have to do it a second time. Follow the instruction on the CHDK site.
  2. WIth the S95 several scripts may work. I used the Ultra Intervalometer.
  3. You will probably use a tripod. Do not forget to turn off the image stabilizer.
  4. If you plan to make a 16:9 movie you should tell your camera too. Otherwise you will end in a batch job cropping all your pictures.
I then made a test run in windows live moviemaker and ended up with a reasonable testresult. So I took the S95 to her first fieldtest. A colleague helped me run the pictures through blender (which is also capable of video editing) and so there it was the first time lapse.

Clouds around the rotating tower (watch the top) from Stefan Steinbauer on Vimeo.

This is the first try to do a timelapse using a Canon Powershot S95, CHDK and Blender. The latter was realized thanks to the magic hands of Shr3D.

I was so fond that I tried to install the magic lantern on my 60D. This did not work. Seems like I need some assistance here.

UPDATE: I succeeded. Seems like I have to take the camera for a testdrive tomorrow. Then we will see what the fuzz is all about and have some exciting timelapse with an aperture of 1.8 – Actually this depends on the weather. So please do not take my predictions word for word.

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