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  • A quick look at the new Sony 18-105 f/4 G

    I took the new Sony SELP18105G for a test ride. First impression: The lens is solid, well built and has two rings – one to zoom and one to focus. What makes here stand out from other lenses is a small lever which can also be used to zoom. It looks like it was thought…

  • Another one from Danube tower

  • Cows dive!

    Cows dive!

    All of you who have been to Miniaturwunderland in Hamburg know the little details. One of my favorites was mashed up into a wallpaper. I even created a diver icon for the cows!

  • The ultramacro lens for Sony Nex

    The ultramacro lens for Sony Nex

    Actually I do not think the Yasuhara Nanoha is not really a macro lens. It is more like the missing link between a macro lens and a microscope. The lens comes with a  3 LED lighting which is fixed to the lens. A screw driver is included, so you could remove it. There is also…

  • Picture of the moon with the Nifty Fifty

    Picture of the moon with the Nifty Fifty

    There are a lot of pixels on that lovely Sony Nex-7. So many I could crop in the picture. The Nex-7 has 24.3 MPixel on the sensor. The base file was 6000×4000 (24MP) and the final picture was a square crop 2580×2580 (6.7MP). That’s about 28% still left. 

  • New Zealand with a Nex-7

    New Zealand with a Nex-7

    What kind of lenses do you take on a trip to New Zealand? The choices could be many, depending on the camera system. The good thing is that I have a Sony Nex-7. There are not many lenses for the Sony E mount. That way the choices are not many. I have not many lenses…

  • Quick test: Noise on Nex-7 video

    Quick test: Noise on Nex-7 video

    I tried to find out what the impact of the ISO on video on the Nex-7, so I cycled through with the lens cap on. The noise was not that visible so I tried to do what you usually try to avoid. I added brightness and sharpening. Let me know, what you think. For me…

  • Review of Sigma 30mm f/2.8 EX DN Sharpness

    Review of Sigma 30mm f/2.8 EX DN Sharpness

    So I made some further observations after the first review yesterday. I also got a message telling me that other and more detailed shots are needed to see. So here we go. Below you will find the corner and center crops from shots I took today in the morning. The shots were made handheld and…