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  • Focus on people! – a tiltshift which is none.

    Focus on people!, a photo by stst31415 on Flickr. A lot of people know how tiltshift works. Even more think, that they can do good tiltshift. Mostly the tiltshift is dull and SOOC (straight out of the camera) lacking the subtle details which make your mind go BOOM! I tried a different approach. Like in […]

  • The virtual dolly – time lapse next gen

    I finally made my proof of concept: By using Blender I made a time lapse video and applied some virtual dolly movement. Meaning, that the camera is moving across the picture. This is possible due to the bigger than full HD video source made from the single picture recorded with the Canon Powershot S95. A […]

  • Digital Crossprocessing

    Chaos made of lines, a photo by stst31415 on Flickr. As one doesn’t have theoption to do digital crossprocessing I thought, why not develop a RAW in color and monochrome? I blended the two pictures and the result was quite crossprocessed.

  • The first steps with timelapse and CHDK

    I was always fond of time lapses so I thought: Why not make my own? I wanted to install the CHDK – an extension for Canon point and shoot cameras which makes them learn new tricks – on my Canon Powershot S95 anyway and had the opportunity to play around one evening. After the initial installation […]

  • Analog revival

    I love digital tools. Who doesn’t? Since the rise of the smart phone the use of digital calendars and – even more important – synchronizing them is easier than ever before. And still: The trend to do something analog remains.

  • The question of the perfect horizon

    There is a point in every photographers path where you think about the perfect level. There are discussions going on if the horizon should be levelled all the time. I have my own opinion on this topic.

  • Two acronyms in Photography you should know

    People who look at my flickr stream mostly ask what these acronyms are because they are seen often in photography: DOF: meaning “depth of field” and providing you either with sharpness in every detail or just a range, hence often called shallow DOF. POV: meaning point of view and speaks for itself What are your favorites?