Focus on people! – a tiltshift which is none.

Focus on people! by stst31415
Focus on people!, a photo by stst31415 on Flickr.

A lot of people know how tiltshift works. Even more think, that they can do good tiltshift. Mostly the tiltshift is dull and SOOC (straight out of the camera) lacking the subtle details which make your mind go BOOM!

I tried a different approach. Like in one of my older pictures, where a man stands sharp as he is in the middle of the blurred zone on a tiltshift, I wanted all the people to be standing out of the landscape.

It is a picture about the people in the backgound. I think I could have also called it “Ode to the people in the background”.

3 responses to “Focus on people! – a tiltshift which is none.”

  1. Very interesting points you raised here. It’s not a technique I’ve used very often, because quite frankly I’m not very proficient at it, but maybe it’s time to try again, seeing that the results can be so dramatic.

  2. No idea what tiltshift is. Though I think I have an idea when looking at the picture. Was neat how it turned out.

    • Thx. Tiltshift is a photograph term and there is a very technical explanation. Leaving that aside: It is when things look like they were shot with model. Think of photography from the “train people” who make exact replicas in scale. When you take a picture in real life and looks like it is die cast, then this is tiltshift.

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