HDR photography photowalk postprocessing

The return to HDR

I stopped doing HDR shots some time ago. Now I started again. I love strong colors and I love the look of black and white pictures. HDR has some aspects of both.

HDR is strange. People like it or they hate it or they do both. The pictures below were shot handheld and postprocessed with HDR Efex.

Building the tower

The point of vanishing

By usinglight

Studied Civil Engineering and Knowledge Management I ended up a person of Word and Picture. I enjoy photography as a hobby as well as a lot of other things...

5 replies on “The return to HDR”

That was my problem with HDR too. Some are overcooked and look like a mad clown. Then I saw a friend’s pictures on the weekend and it finally made click in my head, because I finally remembered what I love on HDR. This was definitely the beginning and not the end…

Hmm, I think you’ve just inspired me to give it another go, there’s some shots I took that need something a bit different…Looking forward to see what else you’re going to come up with, good luck, and good light!

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