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  • Adding a little blur

    Remember it: The first blur you added to a picture was not on purpose. The second was the same. But lateron there comes the point where you think of the pictures with long shutter speeds and light trails. Motion, and with it also action, comes back to your pictures.

  • The tourist’s problem

    Sometimes it is hard to make a good picture. It is hard because you made the decision to go to a place which is described in all the books written on the city you live in. This can be odd. But it can also be fun to sit on a bench and count the people […]

  • 2 things you should do with your wide angle lens

    Who thought wide angle lenses are for architecture and landscapes might be wrong – very wrong. Some people do not like wide angles for the effects the lenses have on straight lines and space. There are two projects you should definitely try with your lens to get a feeling what the lens does to your […]

  • A walk in 50mm (1)

    It is said that it is a good thing for a photographer to use prime lenses. The funny thing is that I was planning on doing something absolute different, which is another project. What is so different when using a prime lense? The difference lies not only in the elimination of the variable zoom. It […]

  • Interaction of color with picture

    One of the biggest advantages of shooting in RAW is that the final version of the picture can look very different. In the examples below I did only use different color profiles for Canon Digital Picture Professional. It is not changing much on light and contrast – obviously you do that when you work with […]

  • How to create a photograph with a Droste effect

    I always was a big fan of M.C.Escher and his recursive and impossible pictures. When I saw the first escheresque photograph I could not resist to search the web and find out how it is done. A few days ago I rediscovered the technique of the Droste effect. A Droste effect picture is a picture […]

  • A tool for camera decisions?

    There is one question I get asked a lot: Can you suggest a camera? And my answer is always the same: There is no simple answer to this task, but I am glad to give you some tips.

  • Schizo Sigma

    schizophren Sigma, a photo by stst31415 on Flickr. There has to be a first post. And this is mine.