The tourist’s problem

Sometimes it is hard to make a good picture. It is hard because you made the decision to go to a place which is described in all the books written on the city you live in. This can be odd. But it can also be fun to sit on a bench and count the people taking the exact same picture from the exact same spot (with the exact same phone or ultrazoomsuperportableplasticlensthingy). So I walk through the Belvedere and I cannot make a straight shot because the place is crawling with people who have their heads in guides, maps, phones and so on. It seems to me you have to have no camera at all to actually see the beauty. I wonder how many people saw the bumblebee flying in and out the sphinx’s ear…

Waiting to be fed to the sphinx

So there are the ones who think the best approach to solve the tourist problem in Belvedere is to feed them to the sphinx, but who knows. The other possibility would be to allow everyone only three shots within the park. They would look closely and discover so much beauty. Maybe they would take the only shot tourists in the Belvedere do not take. Like the following one. Please be patient as I was looking around only for 20 minutes or so…

the only picture tourists do not take in the prince's garden

I can hear the statues already looking from the roof: What are all the people doing in our garden? And I wish to hear the following answer: They want to see and feel the beauty of the place. But nobody has a better view than us…

What are they doing in our garden?

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