2 things you should do with your wide angle lens

Who thought wide angle lenses are for architecture and landscapes might be wrong – very wrong. Some people do not like wide angles for the effects the lenses have on straight lines and space. There are two projects you should definitely try with your lens to get a feeling what the lens does to your surroundings.

1. Far and near

When using a wideangle you should play with the depth effect of a wide angle. Imagine an object which start right in front of your lens and ends somewhere in the background. These objects are everywhere: cars, fountains, spoons and even people.

Talk to the hand

2. People with a certain effect

If you own a wide or even an ultra wide angle lens you should already know: Portraits can be #######. But they can also be sort of interesting if you take extrem angles. You might say: that’s a variation of number 1. Correct you got me and you understood what wideangle lenses do with space. Congratulations.

Stay away from my coffee

Big girl

So by now your head is full of ideas. So stop reading, grab your camera and take some shots and experiment with using light.

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