Small break in the blue hour

I took my panosaurus 2.0 for a first ride after the initial setup and tests. I took the opportunity and decided to shoot a small panorama in the blue hour.
I shot the panorama in two rows with a Sigma 10-20mm, using the Magic Lantern to shoot the 9 HDR brackets 0.5 EV apart. The lens was set to 10mm and rotated for 45° four times. I added 3 brackets on top of these (elevated for 45°).

Small break in the blue hour
I created the HDR before I stitched the panorama with Microsoft ICE (if you want more control you can also use Hugin). I also tried the other way around also but it never worked out in the end.

For all of you who collect lens data for panosaurus, the offset for the Sigma 10-20 at 10mm is 101mm. For more Info on Panosaurus go to the website.

What I learned: My tripod is a little bit to soft to withstand the torque forces when rotating and I have to be extra careful.

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