It is not what you see…


A walk in the park – my pictures are still waiting to be approved at Meanwhile you can use them from here. Follow the links behind the picture and … Continue reading

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Human perception is reliable: One cannot not see 3D

I have no idea when I read Paul Watzlawick’s How Real Is Real? the first time. I was amazed by the theories buried deep within the book and read everything I could. One sentence is still sticking – and seems to be a paradigm of my thinking: One cannot not communicate.

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Building something – a nanoblock time-lapse

There are some things which can be called an exercise for having patience. Building with nano blocks is one of these things. And here is a time-lapse of one of … Continue reading

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Just because they tell you it is impossible…

Anybody told you that it is impossible to do this or that? Prove them wrong. Just do it. Just like everybody learned that it is impossible to shoot pictures against … Continue reading

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You are the product of your environment…

…it is a matter of time and environment.

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Can services keep pace with development?

To make one thing clear: I work in IT and I know that I might be biased and see the world with different – digital – eyes. I have been … Continue reading

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Please fix this one thing on your social media dashboard!

I had a look on plenty of marketing dashboards in the last few days. And there is one thing which is always there: The number of followers (or whatever it … Continue reading

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So you want to create a short video…

I really liked the storytelling when I first heard it. And when the video went live on the company web site I thought: How can I share that on my … Continue reading

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Elsewhere: Advice from a Newbie Testers Future Self

I have been guest blogging on the company blog. If you are into software test, this might be interesting for you. If not it still might be interesting: What would … Continue reading

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Cinemagraph: The Autonomous Kicker

Teamwork is on my mind. What is a better metapher than a sports team. Feel free to use the GIF when you need it for a presentation. Klick on the … Continue reading

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Tunnel to the future with many exits

The tunnel is an old symbol for a passage. On photographs they also make good models: Symmetry, interesting shape, often intriguing details. I love this one in particular. It always … Continue reading

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