So you want to create a short video…

I really liked the storytelling when I first heard it. And when the video went live on the company web site I thought: How can I share that on my blog? Well, maybe you are interested in the steps it took to make the video.

  • I recorded Gerd standing at a flipchart and telling the story.
  • I watched the story and made a first draft video.
  • Got some feedback on this video.
  • Made a second refined version. Got some updated graphics from Teisha.
  • Some of the feedback considered the “missing” audio. (I had not done any audio until then, because I wanted the video to work without any audio. So I tried to come up with a base story – I did that by recording something while watching the video. It took me three takes.
  • I took the audio and video to Chelsea and asked her to come up with the story she would tell.
  • I recorded Chelsea, cleaned the audio and merged everything.

The ToscaEffect from Tricentis GmbH on Vimeo.

More info on the product can be found on

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Studied Civil Engineering and Knowledge Management I ended up a person of Word and Picture. I enjoy photography as a hobby as well as a lot of other things...

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