So you want to create a short video…

I really liked the storytelling when I first heard it. And when the video went live on the company web site I thought: How can I share that on my blog? Well, maybe you are interested in the steps it took to make the video.

  • I recorded Gerd standing at a flipchart and telling the story.
  • I watched the story and made a first draft video.
  • Got some feedback on this video.
  • Made a second refined version. Got some updated graphics from Teisha.
  • Some of the feedback considered the “missing” audio. (I had not done any audio until then, because I wanted the video to work without any audio. So I tried to come up with a base story – I did that by recording something while watching the video. It took me three takes.
  • I took the audio and video to Chelsea and asked her to come up with the story she would tell.
  • I recorded Chelsea, cleaned the audio and merged everything.

The ToscaEffect from Tricentis GmbH on Vimeo.

More info on the product can be found on

Just because they tell you it is impossible…

Just because they tell you it is impossible...

Anybody told you that it is impossible to do this or that? Prove them wrong. Just do it.

Just like everybody learned that it is impossible to shoot pictures against the sun. Until somebody used a flash. Then the advent of HDR. And then cameras with a dynamic range where it is unnecessary to shoot HDR most of the time.

And why did all that happen? Because somebody did not like the sound of “impossible” or simply did not listen to the naysayers.

Follow the path of the possible. Often it is easier than you think…

PS: For those of you who say: Only physics can prove me wrong. What we think is physics also changes. Fast. But this is another story.

Tunnel to the future with many exits

The tunnel is an old symbol for a passage. On photographs they also make good models: Symmetry, interesting shape, often intriguing details.

I love this one in particular. It always reminds me of the fact that even if you do not see the exit and it looks like a dead end, there are plenty of exits to this tunnel – always. Why would there be a tunnel?

Feel free to use this picture in your presentations or any other work which is not for sale.

Tunnel to the future

Tunnel to the future

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