Can services keep pace with development?

Orange grid which resembles a London Taxi

To make one thing clear: I work in IT and I know that I might be biased and see the world with different – digital – eyes. I have been travelling back from the West coast of the US in the last few hours. Enough time to reflect on some things, because – let’s be honest – watching movies for 9 hours makes you feel like a vegetable…    …not only because of the quality of the movies.

Some of the things I discovered in the past 7 days and put it down sleep deprived:

  • There are airports where you have to receive an email to get access to wifi. Especially friendly for people from abroad – which can be seldom found on airports.
  • Quite modern airplanes without any power plugs or USB ports.
  • Uber – if you do not know it: some kind of a social taxi system (which is also facing a lot of criticism) – works and there are taxi drivers who do not complain but they participate.

These are simple examples where I always ask myself if the pace of some developments will be too much for services. Let’s face it: Facebook releases a new version two times a day. They are continuously rolling out software. This software is tested and deployed!

Awesome reflections with the lighting and the black plastic sheet underneath..
Awesome reflections with the lighting and the black plastic sheet underneath..

Imagine an internet of things – this is hardware. There are not many who could deploy new hardware twice a day. Unless the upgrading of firmware is not very convenient this could lead to a fragmented landscape of versions. Think Android.

What about healthcare services? They are heavily dependent on people. At the moment we are reaching a point where it gets harder and harder for specialist to keep up with the pace in their field – new methods and tools are getting developed every day. And the process is speeding up.

So how do you think services can keep up?

This is the age of DevOps and I am passionate about testing.

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