Silky fountain HDR

Silky fountain HDR by stst31415
Silky fountain HDR, a photo by stst31415 on Flickr.

On my photowalk this evening I thought about long time exposures of water. I like that silky smooth look. I wondered if the effect would still be there in an HDR. Well, see for yourself.

Magic lantern made 9 exposures and HDR Efex did the rest.

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4 responses to “Silky fountain HDR”

    • No, ML does not support in-camera HDR. What it does support are up to 9 brackets with EV from 0.5 to 4 compared to three brackets. I already saw the in camera HDR of the S95 and some Sony Alpha. I do not want this quality. I want my own quality. I want to choose the tone value compression, I want to choose the method used and these are option I do not have. I just know the HDR of the S95 a little better, but I only choose them to try to see how it will look like.

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