50 pictures

Per aspera ad finestraschizophren SigmaSunset over the DanubeSpiral into the fog?Red RibbonsFamily in a tube
Lamps in a lineThree Ladies In A CloudTwo vanishing pointsY(ou shall not commit murder)Foggy Dewlines to grow
One point perspectiveMore of an empty stationLoosing weight on a large scaleConcrete butterflyThis will take yearsLights on a bridge
BW pathVertigo lightTwo rowsPalmenhausResistance is futileOne of the jellyfish is a rabbit

50 pictures, ein Album auf Flickr.

I just ran across this Album on flickr. Some algorithm thinks these are my 50 best. I would take others. The funny thing is that I see so many pictures with vanishing points.

Is it that people like pictures with vanishing points or do I take many of them or both? Do you have an opinion or an explanation?

By usinglight

Studied Civil Engineering and Knowledge Management I ended up a person of Word and Picture. I enjoy photography as a hobby as well as a lot of other things...

4 replies on “50 pictures”

I don’t know, it does sometimes feel that vanishing points are a bit of a cliche and overused, but on the other hand I think that they are quite vital to leading the eye, which is kind of what photography’s all about. I suppose it comes down to how you employ the lines, how interesting one makes them, which doesn’t seem to be a problem for you. Love those station ones!

I think the trick is to have something unexpected in all perspectives. In the end of the day it is always a question of all the point of views… In the picture and in our heads 🙂

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