Endless stairs or how to make the best out of awkward situations

Endless stair by stst31415
Endless stair, a photo by stst31415 on Flickr.

If you are into photography you already know what will not work out. And maybe there are plenty of people who already told you, what would be the best practice.

For instance not shooting against the light, because the background washes out. The Light might get spooky or awkward and so on. So? If you never do it on purpose you will not learn how to master it and use it as an element in your picture.

Look at the picture. This is a rather short escalator. Using a 10mm wide angle lens the distance gets extended, the point of view from near the stairs enhances this effect even more. And then I start shooting against the light.

The real strange thing is that this shot does not look very different in color.

So you have to learn the rules in order to know why you should break them. Consider rules as a way to do things with a big sign tagged to them. Caution it says in big red letters… Ah red. I have to take a shot. But this is another story.

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