The power of the filter

Do you know what I think is most fun in black and white photography? It is one of the things which has great potential to get lost. It is filters.

Nearly every camera has a monochrome mode. People do not use them because of two reasons:

  1. They do not like black and white pictures.
  2. The pictures out of the cameras are simply not good.
Before the age of digital photography people used colored filters screwed to their lenses for effects. Most software for developing RAW-files has these filters incorporated for postprocessing of monochrome.
White umbrella
All it does is enhancing or dampening colors. In monochrome pictures this changes the local contrast and brighter/darker.
In the picture above the Woman was wearing a bright red coat and a white umbrella. A red filter was applied to make the dress stand out. I used a red filter because it makes blue and green very dark and lights up the red tones, making pink nearly white and added some sepia. Please note that no further effect was applied.
White seats
You could nearly tell which filter was used if I told you that the seats were orange and the floor was made of wood. What do you think?

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