To see as a photographer

When I started using a camera on a regular basis I started to see things differently. The things did not change at all. It is more a question of perception.


You probably know the effect: Learning. By using your senses in a different way you adapt and you start to learn.

If you carry a camera and also use it from time to time – or even better – on a regular basis there are several things that can change:

  1. you will learn how to handle your camera and equipment
  2. you will learn how the surroundings influence the settings in your camera
  3. you will learn to see what the camera sees
…and finally you will start to see in a different way.


I am sure some of you understand. Some will continue to look at the sky and not see the gradient in the blue, they will not see the reflections in the details, they will not see how the point of vision changes the perception and they will not see what the camera can see.

One response to “To see as a photographer”

  1. Quite true. After a while, you start to see/recognize the potential compositions of light, colour, and shape where ever you look.

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