Chocolate and caramel

Some christmas gifts are hidden in the internet. A friend of mine sent me the link to the anniversary specials of All in the mind.

What’s in it? It’s a bunch of audios on the mind. The first one is already on air. Give it a try…

Part 1 – Getting sexy

If you already know all this stuff, you should start a consultancy on sex or you can also wait for next sundays episode on consciousness.

Part 2 – Are you conscious?

Meanwhile you could think about the fact if you use your brain or if it is the other way around. It is totally legal to fuel your brain with chocolate and caramel to answer this question.

The beauty with the awful sound

I asked my dentist if I could have some old drills and I got lucky. And this is the beauty with the awful sound. Goosepimps anybody?

I also changed the theme for my website to a more graphic one. The first page will look different by the time I have more entries, due to the featured images I did not use until now.

It is not what you see…


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