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  • HDR and back light – wallpaper “Gloriette”

    HDR and back light – wallpaper “Gloriette”

    One great situation to use the HDR technique is when having backlight. In this picture here I used 5 brackets +/- 1EV. I could have used seven or nine brackets, but then the effect would have been gone. I threw in a polarizing filter and my trusted Sigma 10-20mm to catch the magic beauty. I […]

  • Wide angle HDR

    Wide angle HDR

    Karlskirche with art by Henry Moore, a photo by stst31415 on Flickr. The HDR process seems to be also a wonderful way to reuse that ultra wide angle lens I own. Typically the heavy distortions make nice pictures impossible, so you have to use some arty technique to make them bearable for the viewer. I […]