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  • Red cube and rubrication

    Red cube and rubrication

    The Red Blip

    A quick wallpaper I did for a friend. BTW: Have you ever heard of rubrication? When books were handwritten there have been scribes to fill in the parts to be emphasized. These parts were traditionally in red. When you do your next charts in Excel please take them as a role model. Use one color as a highlight and do not create a circus. Thank you. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rubrication Do you want to read more on charts?

  • Playing with exposure

    Have you ever asked yourself: Who decides which exposure is the right one for my picture? If you are in green rectangle mode your camera decides. Sometimes this makes things easier, but even when you switch to P, Av, Tv the camera decides what is good for you. It takes another small step to get […]