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  • You are the product of your environment…

    You are the product of your environment…

    …it is a matter of time and environment.

  • Toscanauts


    I was working on a project and went through my links, when I found the link to the NASA 3D models again. When I was home, I powered on the good old Blender 3D and imported the MK3 spacesuit. You might wonder what a Toscanaut is: This is what you call users of Tricentis Tosca Testsuite.…

  • Unlimited area but no volume

    Unlimited area but no volume

    I was always very fond of the Menger sponge. I built my level 4 sponge manually, not by using a recursive script. You can find a Python script for blender here. Here you will find some renders. I started with a simple lighting, did some reflection afterwards and finally changed the material to glass. Finally…

  • Free wallpaper: Failure is not an option

    Free wallpaper: Failure is not an option

    I was looking for the origin of the quote “Failure is not an option.”. You find some interesting sources. I still do not know if the source I found is the right one. I really love the spirit in this quote. And the fact that the origin lies within someone from the Apollo 13 project…

  • Colors from the Danube

    Colors from the Danube

    On my way back from Bratislava the sky over the Danube showed his best colours. Enjoy. If you click the pictures you will find Full HD pictures to be used as wallpapers.

  • Cows dive!

    Cows dive!

    All of you who have been to Miniaturwunderland in Hamburg know the little details. One of my favorites was mashed up into a wallpaper. I even created a diver icon for the cows!

  • Red cube and rubrication

    Red cube and rubrication

    A quick wallpaper I did for a friend. BTW: Have you ever heard of rubrication? When books were handwritten there have been scribes to fill in the parts to be emphasized. These parts were traditionally in red. When you do your next charts in Excel please take them as a role model. Use one color…

  • Ducks wanna have fun (too)

    Ducks wanna have fun (too)

    But of course the understanding of fun is different.

  • Elephant in clouds

    Elephant in clouds

    Well this one is an elephant. Enjoy the wallpaper…

  • Quick review of the Sigma 30mm 1:2.8 EX DN for Sony Nex E-Mount

    Quick review of the Sigma 30mm 1:2.8 EX DN for Sony Nex E-Mount

    When I first took it out of the packaging I thought it was broken. But the lens element is not fixed if the lens is not “on”, aperture is closed. Size is smaller than the 18-55 kit lens, I would say it is as if someone cut the kit lens between zoom and focus ring.…