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Tale of the new Macbook – Stamina googling, Filesystems and Wunderlist

I would not have expected the following events to happen when I got my new Macbook Air. What would a follower of Windows paradigms expect? Maybe some “I do not understand”-fun with the user interface.¬†Well, I also had these but they were more fun then annoyances.

The keyboard – oh how I still love those keys with backlight. OK, now where is the DEL key? How can I make those square brackets and how can I do a print screen without a print key? Google finds answers for everything if you ask the right question.

And so by the way I learn, I can record screencasts with the built in quicktime? Does it work on Windows too? I will find out, but not now.

Applications: Office was no problem – the Mac version looks nicer than the Windows one but how a developer can break a paradigm like that the button for full screen is in the upper right corner. My lightroom runs much better than on the Windows PC, the plugins also come in Mac flavor.

Plugging in the new external HDD for my girlfriend: readonly? But how? After asking Google the question number 10^23 I find out: Mac does not speak NTFS and uses a different file system. I should have remembered that Linux/Unix based do not speak NTFS. But there is a cure for everything… …the one for this user-unfriendly behavior is called OSXFuse, but you might already know this and lie laughing because of the newbie behind your Mac or do not care because you use Windows.


Do you know Wunderlist? I have tried plenty of software products for ToDo lists, but this one rocks!

If you look for a cloud based todo-list which works offline as well as online you found it. It works in your Webbrowser, as an App on your Windows PC, your Mac and even your Linux machine. And if you want it to be mobile just install the client on your blackberry, iPhone, Android phone and even your iPad. See for yourself and try it. Make your lists, administrate them, send them or share them.

This list tool is definitely a Wunder (german for wonder).

HDR Lifehack photography postprocessing

A quick thought on tools

Sometimes the way things look, sound or feel are created by the tools used in the process of creation. I think that most of the people would think on analog tools like the ones a blacksmith uses.

Lifehack visualisation

Analog revival

I love digital tools. Who doesn’t?

Since the rise of the smart phone the use of digital calendars and – even more important – synchronizing them is easier than ever before. And still: The trend to do something analog remains.