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Really!? – a child’s portrait

Really!? by stst31415
Really!?, a photo by stst31415 on Flickr.

I was working my way through old RAW files. I found the portrait of my youngest one, applied a very soft polaroid effect after elaborating a monochrome version of the picture.

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Reading by stst31415
Reading, a photo by stst31415 on Flickr.

I always wanted to make a HDR of a person. Problem was: People get washed away and look like zombies.
So what did I do?
Let’s leave aside that I took 9 (!) exposures with magic lantern. Let’s also oversee the fact that they were in steps of 0.5EV. (Why? Because I could 😉 )
I layered the medium exposure and the HDR up and painted the skin through. Not 100% but enough to give the impression of a real human being.
She was so patient. And concentrated. She was reading the third part of Sacer Sanguis (which only exists in German until today – I do not know why but it is a very good book series).