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  • Catching a lightning made easy

    Motion detection is one of the features most cameras lack. There is some kind of trigger for taking group pictures by waving. But that’s it. If you own a Canon point and shoot and have already installed the CHDK, you will easily find a script on the CHDK page. I wanted to give it a…

  • Low budget macro photography

    Did you ever want to create one of these gigantic macros without cropping your pictures? It is only a question of time until you find mentions of a retro adapter. A retro adapter is a adapter attached to your lens so you can use it the other way around. The adapter fits the end where…

  • The power of the filter

    Do you know what I think is most fun in black and white photography? It is one of the things which has great potential to get lost. It is filters.

  • Two acronyms in Photography you should know

    People who look at my flickr stream┬ámostly ask what these acronyms are because they are seen often in photography: DOF: meaning “depth of field” and providing you either with sharpness in every detail or just a range, hence often called shallow DOF. POV: meaning point of view and speaks for itself What are your favorites?

  • Interaction of color with picture

    One of the biggest advantages of shooting in RAW is that the final version of the picture can look very different. In the examples below I did only use different color profiles for Canon Digital Picture Professional. It is not changing much on light and contrast – obviously you do that when you work with…

  • How to create a photograph with a Droste effect

    I always was a big fan of M.C.Escher and his recursive and impossible pictures. When I saw the first escheresque photograph I could not resist to search the web and find out how it is done. A few days ago I rediscovered the technique of the Droste effect. A Droste effect picture is a picture…

  • Schizo Sigma

    schizophren Sigma, a photo by stst31415 on Flickr. There has to be a first post. And this is mine.