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  • Hamburg snippets…

    Hamburg snippets…
  • The ultramacro lens for Sony Nex

    The ultramacro lens for Sony Nex

    Actually I do not think the Yasuhara Nanoha is not really a macro lens. It is more like the missing link between a macro lens and a microscope. The lens comes with a  3 LED lighting which is fixed to the lens. A screw driver is included, so you could remove it. There is also […]

  • The red rule

    Bratislava is full of contradictions, a photo by stst31415 on Flickr. A picture consisting of contradictions can be especially nice to look at. But still there is room for improvement. The strange thing is, that the red rule nearly always gives you nice results. If you see something red, pull the trigger. Sometimes the outcome […]

  • Playing with exposure

    Have you ever asked yourself: Who decides which exposure is the right one for my picture? If you are in green rectangle mode your camera decides. Sometimes this makes things easier, but even when you switch to P, Av, Tv the camera decides what is good for you. It takes another small step to get […]

  • Low budget macro photography

    Did you ever want to create one of these gigantic macros without cropping your pictures? It is only a question of time until you find mentions of a retro adapter. A retro adapter is a adapter attached to your lens so you can use it the other way around. The adapter fits the end where […]

  • The power of the filter

    Do you know what I think is most fun in black and white photography? It is one of the things which has great potential to get lost. It is filters.

  • Adding a little blur

    Remember it: The first blur you added to a picture was not on purpose. The second was the same. But lateron there comes the point where you think of the pictures with long shutter speeds and light trails. Motion, and with it also action, comes back to your pictures.