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  • A quick look at the new Sony 18-105 f/4 G

    I took the new Sony SELP18105G for a test ride. First impression: The lens is solid, well built and has two rings – one to zoom and one to focus. What makes here stand out from other lenses is a small lever which can also be used to zoom. It looks like it was thought […]

  • Another one from Danube tower

  • Cows dive!

    Cows dive!

    All of you who have been to Miniaturwunderland in Hamburg know the little details. One of my favorites was mashed up into a wallpaper. I even created a diver icon for the cows!

  • A Wedding and a game

    A Wedding and a game

    It was raining cats and dogs. Other people might consider this bad weather for a wedding or for being outside. But fortunately two lovely people said Yes to each other yesterday, at least officially because they must have said it to each other a long time ago. And yesterday evening I sat with the usual […]

  • The ultramacro lens for Sony Nex

    The ultramacro lens for Sony Nex

    Actually I do not think the Yasuhara Nanoha is not really a macro lens. It is more like the missing link between a macro lens and a microscope. The lens comes with a  3 LED lighting which is fixed to the lens. A screw driver is included, so you could remove it. There is also […]

  • A snowflake of summer – a short one on magnification

    A snowflake of summer – a short one on magnification

    There it is finally. The awakening of my lust for photography after a longer break. And the journey will start again, where it once started: In the macro dominion.

  • How much water does a bee need?

    How much water does a bee need?

    No really! That is no trick question. I visited the botanical garden today and it was hot. Not hot as in hot but hot as hot as in hell. So stand in the middle of all the plants and start to question myself: How much water does a bee hive need? Do bees actually need […]

  • Picture of the moon with the Nifty Fifty

    Picture of the moon with the Nifty Fifty

    There are a lot of pixels on that lovely Sony Nex-7. So many I could crop in the picture. The Nex-7 has 24.3 MPixel on the sensor. The base file was 6000×4000 (24MP) and the final picture was a square crop 2580×2580 (6.7MP). That’s about 28% still left. 

  • New Zealand with a Nex-7

    New Zealand with a Nex-7

    What kind of lenses do you take on a trip to New Zealand? The choices could be many, depending on the camera system. The good thing is that I have a Sony Nex-7. There are not many lenses for the Sony E mount. That way the choices are not many. I have not many lenses […]

  • Elephant in clouds

    Elephant in clouds

    Well this one is an elephant. Enjoy the wallpaper…