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A quick look at the new Sony 18-105 f/4 G

I took the new Sony SELP18105G for a test ride.

First impression: The lens is solid, well built and has two rings – one to zoom and one to focus. What makes here stand out from other lenses is a small lever which can also be used to zoom.

It looks like it was thought for videographers: The zoom lever for video, the constant aperture of f/4 through the whole zoom range and finally: The length does not change its length when zooming, which makes it easier to use with matte boxes.

As a photog it was the constant aperture and zoom length which draw me to this lens. From what I have seen until now it could be a good travel lens or even used for portraits.

18mm @ f/4

Actually it is a really big lens. And by big I mean long and wide. Although the filter thread is 72mm the lens feels balanced on the Nex-7. I would say that it is definitely not heavy.

The 18-105 f4, the 50 f1.8 and Mr Washington

The 18-105 f4, the 50 f1.8 and Mr Washington

The lens has a wonderful circular aperture which produces the kind of bokeh I like.

Bokeh 90mm @ f/4

I also like the tele end of the lens at f/4. I am curious how the HDRs will work out.

Misty View 105mm @ f/4

If you want further images you can find them on my flickr stream in the album SELP18105G-sooc.

Contact me, if you want to buy me a coffee 😉 or leave a comment and tell me and the other readers why you would or would not buy this lens.

A Wedding and a game

It was raining cats and dogs. Other people might consider this bad weather for a wedding or for being outside. But fortunately two lovely people said Yes to each other yesterday, at least officially because they must have said it to each other a long time ago. And yesterday evening I sat with the usual suspects and we had fun at the wedding. And we had something in common with the happy couple.

Stencil Munzee

You might wonder what the QR-code in the teaser image meant. That’s how we met.

Altough QR codes (kind of two dimensional bar codes) are heavily used in advertisment these days, they are also used as part of a game. And the name of the game is Munzee. Munzee is a GPS game (if you know geocaching the concept is not new to you) where you hunt QR codes in the wild. You get points by capturing (meaning: scanning) them actively or even passive (when your codes are scanned).

First you have to find these Munzees. They are mostly stickers which were hidden and you cannot believe how something can hide in plain sight until you tried to find some. Finding and capturing means collecting points and by collecting points you level up and…      …you will meet some people.

For more info on the game and to load the apps to your phone go to http://www.munzee.com/

Apparently I even met two people who were brave enough to take the step into marriage. So what do you bring to a wedding if you are a bunch of people who are into the same game? Yes: game stuff.

You already saw the QR stencil. Usually these gamepieces are as big as approximately 4-6 keys from your keyboard. Looked like a lot of work to cut out the stencil…  With the support of Munzee.com it was possible to get a special icon for the happy couple and with some crafty hands this icon was turned into a greeting card. When opened it looks like a heart. The signatures were QR codes themselves. And there was even a Munzee puzzle!

The following pictures contain artwork and bodyparts of Karin, Bernhard, Barbara, Ina, Trixi, Florian, Gerhard, Monika and me. And you cannot see him, but there was the moral support of Emil.

WeddingBig      Heart icon in the wild

QR puzzles

Heart card

inside with signatures

The ultramacro lens for Sony Nex

Actually I do not think the Yasuhara Nanoha is not really a macro lens. It is more like the missing link between a macro lens and a microscope.

The lens comes with a  3 LED lighting which is fixed to the lens. A screw driver is included, so you could remove it. There is also a battery box (which is fed by 2 AA batteries) and a USB cable.

The lens has a maximum aperture of 11 and stops down to 32 and the focus works between 11 and 16 millimeters. I do not need to tell you what that means for depth of field.

I started a Flickr group dedicated to the Yasuhara Nanoha. If you want to see some special things nanohified let me know…

Kenko and Nanoha

The letter




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