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Unlimited area but no volume

I was always very fond of the Menger sponge. I built my level 4 sponge manually, not by using a recursive script. You can find a Python script for blender here. Here you will find some renders. I started with a simple lighting, did some reflection afterwards and finally changed the material to glass. Finally I changed the lighting to a two colored one and moved the camera inside. You can play yourself – take the blend file from here (nearly 2,5e6 triangles, 113 MB).

Concerning the headline: The Menger sponge is a strange thing. When the level goes towards infinite, the area does too but the volume goes towards 0.  Tip on the side: Do not try to imagine this sponge 😉

Simple sponge

Simple white sponge (1200 samples)

Menger sponge with hemilight from behind

Menger sponge with hemilight from behind (2000 samples)

green green glass of home

green green glass of home (3000 samples)

Insider job

Insider job (1200 samples)