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Taking and making of pictures

There have been a lot of posts around on the new consumer lightfield camera from Lytro Рwhich is impressive: 8X optical zoom with a f/2 aperture and it is a lightfield camera for under USD 400!

Waves within an ocean of glass
Waves within an ocean of glass

And there has been a lot of talk on the new era of photography. Hmmmm… I wouldn’t see it like that. The question is if you take and/or make a picture. If you just take pictures it is simple. That’s a camera for you. Light, best for travel, no more deletable pictures because of a wrong focus. But wait: the specs say the output is comparable with a HD picture, so at best 1080×1080 (Full HD squared) and needs a player.

With the Lytro the act of taking the picture is still with the photographer but the act of making it goes to the beholder. This is new. This is a highly competitive feature against point and shoots. I wonder what the macro features of this camera are. How near can you be to the object? Wouldn’t this be a wonderful method to get pin sharp macros without focus stacking?

This is just the beginning. I remember my first digital camera: 1.4 Megapixel and 2x opical zoom. A great camera. But I still took my 500N with me on holidays because the technology wasn’t there…

So what do you think on taking and making pictures?