Tag: lessons learned

  • Lessons learned with my first manual lens on DSLR

    I recently bought a manual lens on ebay. I saw some pictures taken with a manual lens on flickr and got curious. Some minutes and EUR 88,- later (USD 125,-) I was the owner of a Revuenon 55mm f1.4, an adapter for the M42 screw mount to EF and a lens hood. The first impression […]

  • Lessons learned from Timelapsing with the CHDK

    I wrote earlier on about my contact with CHDK and how I tried to do some time lapses. I was fascinated how easy this technique is and how powerful the visualizations are. I had my first failures and I did some of them again. I will return to this point at the end.

  • Low budget macro photography: First lessons learned

    There is always a lesson to be learned. The more you know, the more you can learn. Of course, this is not whatI learned this evening. I learned some things which were obvious and some thatwere even more obvious but it should be mentioned that things which are written down tend not to get lost […]

  • To see as a photographer

    When I started using a camera on a regular basis I started to see things differently. The things did not change at all. It is more a question of perception. You probably know the effect: Learning. By using your senses in a different way you adapt and you start to learn.