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Sunset by stst31415
Sunset, a photo by stst31415 on Flickr.

I am a big fan of sunrays and then I take my time to work them out of the RAW image. In this HDR this was rather difficult. But still, no Photoshop was needed.

HDR photography photowalk postprocessing

The return to HDR

I stopped doing HDR shots some time ago. Now I started again. I love strong colors and I love the look of black and white pictures. HDR has some aspects of both.

HDR is strange. People like it or they hate it or they do both. The pictures below were shot handheld and postprocessed with HDR Efex.

Building the tower

The point of vanishing

photography photowalk postprocessing

HDR features in Magic Lantern

I took the camera for a walk with friends. As it is when you have a nice walk, you meet somewhere. In our case we met on a bridge. I was not the last person to show up (actually I was the first), so I had some time to take some shots.

Going through the menu of Magic Lantern I found the HDR settings, where you can have up to 9 brackets. Because my last HDR with real brackets was ages ago I decided to take a shot – or 9 in my case. Magic lantern also writes this little shell script for enfuse on the card, which is of no direct use for me (because it is Linux), but of indirect: You know which pictures are part of your series.

Now comes the fun part: Our PC is broken and the only thing left is a netbook. Photoshop Elements crashed on a regular basis when trying to stitch together the exposures. So I thought: Time to enfuse again. Because I am lazy, I downloaded a GUI for Enfuse. This makes things much easier. The machine was still working for ages, but did not hang. Still, the result was nice, but also a little bit dull:

enfused HDR Schwedenbrücke

But I loved the strange ghosting of the ship on the channel.

The only thing which was nearly annoying me was the high level of detail, so I thought I try this one in a very dramatic black and white. I used photoshop for a stylemapping from an older highly dramatic black and whites and there it was: Full of energy, dramatic and nearly apocalyptic.

Stuttering or warping?

UPDATE: I nearly forgot to tell you that there are also some plugins for lightroom if you want to try enfuse from within adobe.