A wallpaper on learning

This one gives you an interesting idea on learning. Use it as a wallpaper and enjoy. The funny thing is that even kids understand the meaning. But do they grasp the concept?

A free wallpaper with the skilled sailor.
A free wallpaper with the skilled sailor.
Video visualisation

Proof of concept: Compositing video in Motion 5

When the weather is not that good outside, what do you do? I decided to play around with a snippet of video and try out some compositing with video.

What did I try? I wanted a piece of text to move with something in the background and vanish behind a piece of foreground.

So what did I learn?

  • Next time I use only stabilized imagery – the handheld footage is good enough for the poc (proof of concept).
  • I have to work on the 3d-text effect, it still has its problems.
  • I have to work on the synchronisation of the movement of background and foreground.

But enough talk – here is the video. I’ll be outside….