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  • Revisiting Fractals

    When playing around with fractals I rediscovered my love to them. Just in case you were wondering: Yes, there has been some postproduction.

  • Shallow depth of field

    Shallow depth of field

      Shallow depth of field can be beautiful. But the problem with such a focus is that the real focus can be hard to find in the view finder. Magic lantern can assist in finding the focus.

  • Faded train romance without trains

    I have been on the tracks for you last weekend. I enjoy making the HDRs look nice first and then give them a faded look lately. And I think that I finally get where I want with the colors. I used brackets of three exposures using Magic Lantern. Curve into the past, a photo by…

  • Postcard kitsch at the end of the day

    Postcard kitsch at the end of the day, a photo by stst31415 on Flickr. At the end of the day the colors of the sky turn kitsch. Today was very hot and the colours are amazing. So here is some postcard kitsch for you.