Tag: Canon EOS 60D

  • Shallow depth of field

    Shallow depth of field

      Shallow depth of field can be beautiful. But the problem with such a focus is that the real focus can be hard to find in the view finder. Magic lantern can assist in finding the focus.

  • The beauty with the awful sound

    The beauty with the awful sound

    I asked my dentist if I could have some old drills and I got lucky. And this is the beauty with the awful sound. Goosepimps anybody? I also changed the theme for my website to a more graphic one. The first page will look different by the time I have more entries, due to the […]

  • Small break in the blue hour

    I took my panosaurus 2.0 for a first ride after the initial setup and tests. I took the opportunity and decided to shoot a small panorama in the blue hour.

  • Another lesson learned from macros

    Black and green velcro, a photo by stst31415 on Flickr. I wanted to make a macro shot of velcro for a long time. So I reactivated ┬ámy retroadapter and tried some shots. The first thing I did was positioning my tripod. And then I tried to focus. I do not have any very special equipment. […]

  • Panoramic HDR Experiment

    Why do they allow an ugly tent there?, a photo by stst31415 on Flickr. I went out with my tripod to shoot a structured panorama in at least 3 by 2. I made it 4 by 2 but it was not convincing. Because I also experimented… Another thing I wanted to try was a panorama […]

  • Beautiful failure

    circular and linear Polfilter, a photo by stst31415 on Flickr. I tried to get an ND-Filter with varying factor by combining a circular and a linear polfilter. It worked fine, at least until I saw the results. the exposure is 30 seconds, the lens flare is pin sharp and the colors went amok. I also […]