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  • Focus on people! – a tiltshift which is none.

    Focus on people!, a photo by stst31415 on Flickr. A lot of people know how tiltshift works. Even more think, that they can do good tiltshift. Mostly the tiltshift is dull and SOOC (straight out of the camera) lacking the subtle details which make your mind go BOOM! I tried a different approach. Like in…

  • Two acronyms in Photography you should know

    People who look at my flickr stream┬ámostly ask what these acronyms are because they are seen often in photography: DOF: meaning “depth of field” and providing you either with sharpness in every detail or just a range, hence often called shallow DOF. POV: meaning point of view and speaks for itself What are your favorites?

  • Adding a little blur

    Remember it: The first blur you added to a picture was not on purpose. The second was the same. But lateron there comes the point where you think of the pictures with long shutter speeds and light trails. Motion, and with it also action, comes back to your pictures.