HDR and back light – wallpaper “Gloriette”

One great situation to use the HDR technique is when having backlight. In this picture here I used 5 brackets +/- 1EV. I could have used seven or nine brackets, but then the effect would have been gone. I threw in a polarizing filter and my trusted Sigma 10-20mm to catch the magic beauty. I

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Wallpaper: “Sunset on Vienna”

Facebook is a bitch. I am one of those people who randomly post their pictures on facebook. And I am one of these people who want their pictures to be seen – I consider them art and not instances of reality. So if somebody asks for a wallpaper I cannot say no. This might explain

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Thinking at the end of the year – “Crossroads of choice” wallpaper

Sometimes pictures make you think. Especially at the end of the year, where it’s traditionally the time to reflect on the past year and think about what choices you made, which choice you did not take and what you learned. The motive present is always the standing at the crossroads. I wanted to collect some

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Tea Flower timelapse slowed down

Screenshot Magic Lantern


I used the Magic Lantern to shoot the timelapse. Camera was on manual and the interval was set to 5 seconds. This was too fast, so I had to slow it down again.
Unfortunately the whole thing went not that good. Especially the focus was off and the flower did not sink.
I used LRTimelapse to create the final video.