Sitting in a cafe and laughing on the latest flaw in Google maps where a renamed street was not tagged with its real name but with the German words for “has been renamed” (Umbenannt worden).

We wanted to post it.
Sounds easy. Have you ever tried to take a screenshot of your mobile? On an Iphone it is no problem: Simply hold and release the power button and the button with the square at the same time. Sounds akward (and actually is akward) but at least you can do it and you have visual (flashing screen) and audio feedback (click).
A Google search showed: Android needs rooted apps and there seems to be a new one, but no built in solution. I hope this changes with the release of 4.0

If you have information for screenshots with other mobile platforms please leave them for others in the comments. Thank you.

Red cube and rubrication

The Red Blip

A quick wallpaper I did for a friend.

BTW: Have you ever heard of rubrication? When books were handwritten there have been scribes to fill in the parts to be emphasized. These parts were traditionally in red.

When you do your next charts in Excel please take them as a role model. Use one color as a highlight and do not create a circus. Thank you.

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Can something be too simple?

We live in a highly complex world. The things we create get also more complex each day. Sometimes we have to simplify our creations. But is there a degree of simplicity which is too much? Maybe a little quote from Einstein could help with the thinking. I used the texture vintage wax from ~TSPStock and if you

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Picture of the moon with the Nifty Fifty

There are a lot of pixels on that lovely Sony Nex-7. So many I could crop in the picture. The Nex-7 has 24.3 MPixel on the sensor. The base file was 6000×4000 (24MP) and the final picture was a square crop 2580×2580 (6.7MP). That’s about 28% still left.