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A Wedding and a game

It was raining cats and dogs. Other people might consider this bad weather for a wedding or for being outside. But fortunately two lovely people said Yes to each other … Continue reading

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Toothbrush, a photo by stst31415 on Flickr. These soft toothbrushes look a little bit rough in detail. From the distance things always look different.

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The difference between a tissue and microfiber

The difference between a tissue and microfiber, a photo by stst31415 on Flickr. Have a look at this picture and then think again which one of these you to use … Continue reading

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Pattern evolution by shifting and rotating

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Impressive lines: DC tower 1

I think the tower is the highest building right now. And it is not even finished yet. But the lines are impressive…

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Red Pen

Red Pen, a photo by stst31415 on Flickr. What i love on macro photography is that you get very close to things you maybe hold in your hands on a … Continue reading

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The ultramacro lens for Sony Nex

Actually I do not think the Yasuhara Nanoha is not really a macro lens. It is more like the missing link between a macro lens and a microscope. The lens … Continue reading

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A snowflake of summer – a short one on magnification

There it is finally. The awakening of my lust for photography after a longer break. And the journey will start again, where it once started: In the macro dominion.

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Sitting in a cafe and laughing on the latest flaw in Google maps where a renamed street was not tagged with its real name but with the German words for “has been renamed” (Umbenannt worden).

We wanted to post it.
Sounds easy. Have you ever tried to take a screenshot of your mobile? On an Iphone it is no problem: Simply hold and release the power button and the button with the square at the same time. Sounds akward (and actually is akward) but at least you can do it and you have visual (flashing screen) and audio feedback (click).
A Google search showed: Android needs rooted apps and there seems to be a new one, but no built in solution. I hope this changes with the release of 4.0

If you have information for screenshots with other mobile platforms please leave them for others in the comments. Thank you.

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Red cube and rubrication

The Red Blip

A quick wallpaper I did for a friend.

BTW: Have you ever heard of rubrication? When books were handwritten there have been scribes to fill in the parts to be emphasized. These parts were traditionally in red.

When you do your next charts in Excel please take them as a role model. Use one color as a highlight and do not create a circus. Thank you.

Do you want to read more on charts?

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